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The World’s unstable and so are you.

Welcome to the most volatile place in the world: the world. We’re all here and no matter what direction you wish to go, or will yourself to go, you just may get there, but at no guarantee or permanence. Hopefully you find satisfaction in “there” because it can and will certainly shift. Life is like the ocean, a continuous series of rolling information, actions, discussions,  consequences, ultimatums and choices. The waves keep heading toward shore, but none exactly alike. There is nothing certain about life or any fractal moment within it. Just as life’s waves, nothing is black and white- but always pay attention when stuck or examining the grey. The grey can be a place which turns friends against each other, even your conscious verse your subconscious. “Watch the thinker” - With this ever changing tide what can a one do to secure or guarantee anything? Factually as nothing is certain, the best investment of time on earth is picking the fellow humans who give earth meaning within your existence. Stick with them, watch them grow, help them, know when to stand back, learn when to jump in, and when to jump out. Love them. Relentlessly. Everything else will just be determined by the waves.


(Source: lifechancedeath)

Right wind will carry me. Transform bad habits into goods, make the most out of slipping. Breathe deep, be glad to live.